Training On Demand (TOD)



Training On Demand is an exciting, dynamic, and efficient approach to providing training and education in today’s tech-oriented world.  This unique online training website is designed with the user in mind to provide learning opportunities with conveniences no classroom environment can match.  With TOD learners have access to trainings on-demand through a website portal which can be accessed by individuals or groups anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection.

Training on Demand is a useful and efficient means of providing training and continuing education opportunities that will be of interest to the growing numbers of people seeking readily accessible information via the internet.

Services Provided

  • Client Branded E-Learning Websites
    • Front End Development and Design
    • Streamed Video Content Hosting
    • Learning Management System
    • Automated Competency Testing
  • Content Development Services
    • E-Learning Module Development
    • Video Production
    • Linkages to a library of delegated Continuing Education Accreditations

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