Mission Statement

Vision: To become a leader in the provision of shared business services to the Human Services industry and thereby enable client agencies to more efficiently and effectively achieve their missions.

Mission: To provide shared business services, personnel and equipment that enable smaller Human Services agencies to access technology beyond their independent financial capacity and enable larger Human Services agencies to achieve economy of scale savings in the areas of business, facility and program development, and training services.

  • Our Challenge – To balance the dynamic tension that exists between the social welfare and business elements of our mission.  To expand, protect, and enhance the unique position of excellence that the Human Services Management Corporation (HSMC) has attained.
  • Our Business – To be a leading force in the provision of shared business services and to emerge as a leader in the provision of professional development and training services.
  • Our Excellence – To achieve excellence, we strive to supply innovative and cost-effective quality services; measure progress toward specific goals and objectives; promote improvement in internal and external systems based on feedback and knowledge gained from practice; and to create a fair, employee-friendly, work environment.
  • Our Consumers – At all levels of the organization, HSMC employees are committed to supporting client agencies to the full extent of their ability.
  • Our “Bottom Line” – A strong financial position will be maintained that will allow us to take advantage of expansion opportunities and to provide a stable base of operations for client companies.
  • Our Wisdom – As we look to the future, we will display the ability to see the long-term consequences of actions, the willingness to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term benefits, the capacity to anticipate and adapt to change, and the commitment to continually evolve our expertise so others will welcome us to share in their visions and missions.
  • Our Ethics – The four values of courage, commitment, integrity and fairness will be embraced at all levels of the organization so that our professional behavior will produce dynamic leaders, effective managers; and mature, eager and competent employees.  We will encourage intelligent risk-taking.