About HSMC

  • How can a growing agency develop the sophisticated business systems necessary for success in its next stage of development?
  • How can an agency avoid haphazard growth, remain right-sized, and provide a quality experience to both consumers and staff?
  • How can a gifted clinician develop the corporate structure and access the financial resources necessary to support the level of care he or she envisions?
  • How does a busy staff gain the knowledge and resources to plan and organize a conference at the same time they are doing their regular work?
  • How do you effectively and efficiently train your staff while still saving time and money?

The answer, in each case, is to seek the support of a shared management service with the expertise in the management and business systems necessary to support quality services.


With HSMC, human services agencies gain access to a pool of experienced professionals and consultants without paying a retainer or high hourly fees, having to hire one or more expensive full-time professionals, or train existing staff. Typically HSMC assists its agency clients with the development of financing plans, the identification of capital sources, and the pursuit of specific development opportunities.

HSMC clients save money through the efficient use of HSMC’s menu of shared services. Basic business functions are delivered cost-effectively, freeing up staff resources and funds for other uses.

HSMC serves clients in the following service sectors:

  • Non-profit
  • Residential Treatment
  • Adult Supports
  • Early Intervention
  • Child Care
  • Specialty Autism Services

HSMC’s clients include:

  • Beacon Services of Massachusetts
  • Beacon Services of Connecticut
  • Criterion Child Enrichment
  • Dimock Community Center – Early Intervention Program
  • Evergreen Center
  • University of Massachusetts Medical Center Early Intervention Program


Many growing human service agencies find themselves with a difficult choice, to seek affiliation with a larger existing entity or remain independent.  This difficult choice is often prompted by the factors unrelated to the provision of care.  

HSMC is an immediate business solution to this dilemma. Long-term, HSMC can be a reliable, cost-effective alternative to daily in-house operating requirements.


HSMC can aid in the development of a corporate structure and operating environment specifically designed to support gifted clinicians in the pursuit of their clinical goals. Assured that daily business requirements are being appropriately addresed by HSMC’s specialized expertise, the clinician with executive responsibilities can focus on the agency mission and agency managers can focus on what they do best, the clinical needs of consumers.